The Thick Stuff motocross mx vinyl for decals - the original MX graphic material.
We have MX graphic kit templates for dirt bike graphics available for purchase on CD and in other formats.

The Thick Stuff MX Kit Templates: These easy to use MX templates for bike plastics are an indispensable tool for designing your own motocross decals and dirt bike enduro stickers.

Keeping up to date with manufacturers plastics is a pain. To help out we can now offer templates for all MX bikes.

These tried and tested templates for bike plastics are uniquely designed for the best fit and professional results when using TheThickStuff.

We have modern templates for most 2013 bikes in addition to previous years and these can be bought individually for £25 (excl. VAT) or the whole master CD for £400 (excl. VAT).
They include major manufacturers such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, the 'Austrian' bike, Husaberg and Husqvarna.

NEW 2014 template updates for £100 (excl. VAT) includes all 2014 templates that we introduce over the coming months, but currently includes Kawasaki KX85 2014, Yamaha YZF250/450, Honda CRF250/450 2014, the ‘Austrian Bike’ EXC 2014 and Husqvarna FC and TC85 models.

Due to the popularity of the modern MX bike templates, and by popular demand, we have also introduced a range of Evo/Vintage MX templates (pre 1989) for classic MX bike kits which can be bought individually for £25 (excl. VAT), part templates for £10 (excl. VAT) or the whole Vintage Template CD for £300 (excl. VAT).
These templates are custom manufactured for TheThickStuff materials so may not be suitable for use with other materials.
The file formats are Adobe Illustrator EPS vector artwork files.

The table below shows our list of available TheThickStuff MX bike templates. These completely bespoke custom designed bike graphic sticker templates have been created specifically for use with TheThickStuff Print and TheThickStuff Protect vinyls, tailor fitted for true edge to edge graphics.
Unleash your creativity with these fantastic and simple to use bike plastic templates!

CR80 1996-2002_ai10.eps CRF250_450 2014_ai10.eps
CR125_250 2000-2001_ai10.eps  
CR125_250 2002-current_ai10.eps HUSQVARNA
CR85 2003-2012_ai10.eps FC125_250_350-2014_ai10.eps
CRF50 2004-2013_ai10.eps TC 85-2014_ai10.eps
CRF70 2007-2012_ai10.eps  
CRF150 2007-2013_ai10.eps KAWASAKI
CRF250 2004-2005_ai10.eps KX85_100 2014_ai10.eps
CRF250 2006-2009_ai10.eps  
CRF250 2010-2013_ai10.eps YAMAHA
CRF250X 2008_ai10.eps YZF250_450 2014_ai10.eps
CRF450 2002-2004_ai10.eps  
CRF450 2005-2007_ai10.eps THE 'AUSTRIAN BIKE'
CRF450 2008_ai10.eps EXC 2014_ai10.eps
CRF450 2009-2012_ai10.eps  
CRF450 2013_ai10.eps OTHER DECALS
Husaberg 2012 (2Stroke TE 11-12)_ai10.eps  
CR65_ai10.eps GAERNE SG10_ai10.eps
CR125 2008-2013_ai10.eps  
CR450 2010-2012_ai10.eps CYCRA PLATES Etc
TC 449 2011-2013_ai10.eps CYCRA SKULL PLATE_ai10.eps
TC 2008-2013_ai10.eps CYCRA STADIUM PLATE 09-12_ai10.eps
KLX450 2008-2014_ai10.eps ALPINESTAR NECK BRACE_ai10.eps
KX65+UFO 2007-2013_ai10.eps LEATT NECK BRACE_ai10.eps
KX85+UFO 2001-2013_ai10.eps  
KX125_250 1999-2002_ai10.eps WHEEL RIMS
KX125_250 2003-2013_ai10.eps RIM DECALS_ai10.eps
KXF250 2004-2005_ai10.eps  
KXF250 2006-2008_ai10.eps VINTAGE DECALS (evo templates)
KXF250 2009-2012_ai10.eps HONDA - Vintage Bikes
KXF250 2013_ai10.eps CR125 TEMPLATES:
KXF450 2006-2008_ai10.eps CR-Airbox_ai10.eps
KXF450 2009-2011_ai10.eps CR-Side Panel Decals_ai10.eps
KXF450 2012_ai10.eps CR125 1987-1988-Number Plates_ai10.eps
KXF450 2013_ai10.eps CR125 1987-1988-Tank Decals_ai10.eps
  CR125 1989-Number Plates_ai10.eps
SUZUKI CR125 1994-Rad and Tank.eps
RM85 2001-2013_ai10.eps CR125 1995-1997_ai10.eps
RM125_250 1999-2000_ai10.eps CR125 1996-Full Kit_ai10.eps
RM125_250 2001-2012_ai10.eps CR125-CR250 1998-1999_ai10.eps
RMX450 2010-2012_ai10.eps CR125-CR250-CR500 1986-1989-Fender and Swing Arm_ai10.eps
RMZ250 2004-2006_ai10.eps  
RMZ250 2007-2009_ai10.eps CR250 TEMPLATES:
RMZ250 2010-2013_ai10.eps CR250 1987-Number Plates_ai10.eps
RMZ450 2006_ai10.eps CR250 1988-1989-Full Kit_ai10.eps
RMZ450 2007_ai10.eps  
RMZ450 2008-2013_ai10.eps CR500 TEMPLATES:
  CR500 1988-1989-Number Plates_ai10.eps
300EXC 2013_ai10.eps KAWASAKI - Vintage Bikes
300XC-F 2013_ai10.eps KX 1986-Number Plates_ai10.eps
300XC-W 2008-2011_ai10.eps KX125 1987-Full Kit_ai10.eps
300XC-W 2012-2013_ai10.eps KX125 1989-Full Kit_ai10.eps
50 2002-2008_ai10.eps KX125_KX500 1983-Number Plates_ai10.eps
50 2009-2013_ai10.eps KX250 1987-Number Plates_ai10.eps
65 2002-2008_ai10.eps KX250 1988-1989-Full Kit_ai10.eps
65 2009-2013_ai10.eps KX250 A5-1979-Full Kit_ai10.eps
85 2003-2012_ai10.eps KX500 1986-Tank Decals_ai10.eps
85 2013_ai10.eps KX500 1987-Full Kit_ai10.eps
EXC 2001-2002_ai10.eps KX500 1988-1989-Full Kit_ai10.eps
EXC 2004-2007_ai10.eps  
EXC 2011-2013_ai10.eps MAICO - Vintage Bikes
EXC250 2008-2009_ai10.eps maico 1992-Full Kit_ai10.eps
SX 2001-2002_ai10.eps maico-Number Plate_ai10.eps
SX 2003-2004_ai10.eps  
SX 2005-2006_ai10.eps SUZUKI - Vintage Bikes
SXF 2007-2010_ai10.eps RM125 1989-Full Kit_ai10.eps
SXF 2011-2012_ai10.eps RM125 pre1983-Oval Number Plates_ai10.eps
SXF 2013_ai10.eps RM250 1979-1980-Side Panels_ai10.eps
  RM250 1989-Full Kit_ai10.eps
TM RM400 1979-1980-Full Kit_ai10.eps
TM (250F,450F,125 & 150) 2012-2013_ai10.eps RM500 1981-1983-Full Kit_ai10.eps
TM ALL MODELS 2008-2011_ai10.eps RM500 1984-Tank_ai10.eps
UFO YZ styling kit-Yamaha YZ125_YZ250 2012-2013-Full Kit_ai10.eps 125-250 1989-Full Kit_ai10.eps
WR250F 2007-2013_ai10.eps  
WR450F 2004_ai10.eps YAMAHA - Vintage Bikes
WR450F 2007-2011_ai10.eps YZ125 1989-Full Kit_ai10.eps
YZ85 2002-2013_ai10.eps YZ125_YZ250 1988-Number Plates_ai10.eps
YZ125_250 2002-2013_ai10.eps YZ250 1981-Number Plates_ai10.eps
YZF250 2010-2013_ai10.eps YZ250 1989-1992-Full Kit_ai10.eps
YZF250_450 2002-2005_ai10.eps YZ490 1982-Full Kit_ai10.eps
YZF250_450 2006-2009_ai10.eps  
YZF450 2010-2013_ai10.eps  


We will be delighted to discuss your requirements and offer our expert technical advice and assistance to customers who would like to know more about our MX graphic vinyl materials and specially selected ancillary application products.

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